How I Got Here

On my about page I wrote a bit about how I got to this place in my life but I would like to expound.

When I first walk into a home I always notice one thing: the art. Not if it’s good or not because that is objective but how it is hung. How high did you drill that nail into the wall? If it’s over 5’7” you can be my new client! Art should be hung at eye level of the average woman. If you have to look UP at the art- it’s in the wrong place.

This is something my ex-husband and I had in common. He was a contractor and noticed how the bookshelves were built. You can know see why we’re divorced. Two perfectionists cannot live together!

It’s funny how something I am so passionate about kind of slipped by for all these years. First was culinary school abroad. That was ok. I enjoyed it but not long term. Then writing, which was sort of a bucket list thing. Just to prove to myself that I could get published was enough for me and so I stopped that. For the past 4 years since my divorce I have been living in the middle east, travelling whenever possible, and managing my own apartment management company. The concierge side was fun but I didn’t want to schedule cleanings for these amazing penthouses and villas. I wanted to decorate them! (Big surprise to me is that money cannot buy you style. Most of my clients had all the money they could ever want and still had a horribly decorated home.)

So my birthday this year brought yet another move and change for me. I moved to Dubai. The city where anything can happen. (As long as it’s legal.) My first glimpse of the Burj Khalifa was awe, Inspired Awe. This was it, this was MY city. A week into my stay I had a job and an apartment. Dubai is the only city in the world where you step off the plane and decide you are going to be in real estate.

Real estate is great. Lots of fun, meeting new people all the time and getting to go to new places. But once again, I was just delaying the inevitable. Design is where I should be! I took a course online about how to find your lifestyle career. Lots of words that did not apply to me but it motivated me to really think about what it is I want. I have three passions in life:

  1. Interior Design
  2. Travel
  3. Fashion design

I had to figure a way to combine at least two of these. I sent a message through LinkedIn to an interior design marketing guru- Alycia Wicker. I asked a simple question and got a simple answer, but it was the RIGHT answer. I had been waiting my whole life for this one message! She said, virtual Interior design. I gawked at the screen for a while and realized my whole life had been pointing to this moment in time. I had to go through all I had to get to Dubai, to this one message from someone I didn’t know personally.

The next day I signed up for her class and here we are.

Dreams happen, at the right time.

P.S. I am still involved in real estate in Dubai. If you need a helping hand just give me a call!


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  1. I am just starting in interior design and love hearing how other people got their start. Especially when it wasn’t a straight path since mine has been all over the place.

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