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The process of interior decorating is an intimate thing. Each decorator has a way all his or her own. Some like to start from the bottom and work their way up and some like to start with throwing out everything you own and make you wish you hadn’t paid someone to command you to throw out your kiddies drawings from kindergarten. (He’s 21 now, I think the cuteness element has passed. Keep one or two things you love. This is advice only. If you want to keep these things we will come up with a storage idea together so you can keep those crayon drawings safe.)

Personally, I like to come over to your house and meet you and meet…your closet. Your closet speaks louder than anything else in your home. You may not have to invite over anyone to your house but people will see you when you leave the house wearing…that’s right, your clothing. So my guess is that you’ve put more thought into your clothes than you have into the $200 couch you bought on sale ten years ago.

Choose 3 or 4 items in your closet that bring you joy. Are you familiar with the decluttering method of KonMari? I’m a big fan. It’s how I clean out my closet every six months. These three items represent you, your taste, and your style. They show off if you are a glittery gal, what colors you like best, or if you like the classiness of pinstripes or more architectural pieces. From there we move to the space you want redecorated.

Whether it’s a bedroom or a living room I want to hear from you what is not working. What keeps you up at night? Are there pieces you hate? Pieces that can be reused in a new and fresh way? Or maybe there is one piece that you LOVE and cannot do without. From that one piece alone we can build an entire design.

So, as you can see- I may do it a bit differently but I always get the job done. Fabulousness is guaranteed!


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